We’re always thrilled to get feedback from clients…and here are just some of the comments we’ve received:

Long-Term Clients with Varied Projects

Since 2011, Phila Hoopes has supported my work through a variety of roles, including website manager, blog coordinator, copy editor, fundraising content developer, marketing consultant, and more. Approaching the Matthew Fox Legacy Project with a marketing perspective grounded in green business, eco-spirituality, permaculture, and energy healing, she has brought not only professional expertise but also personal passion to the work. I value our ongoing connection and recommend her highly.

~~ The Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox,
Bestselling Author, Theologian, and Educator

Phila has been helping us with our Sales Letters for our courses and our copy on our website for well over a year now. Every time we have engaged her we have been incredibly satisfied with the result. The text she has helped to craft not only authentically communicates our message and but also has been instrumental in increasing registration in our courses.

Michelle Avis, Verge Permaculture

I have been working with Phila for over the last three years. I sought out someone who could assist me with writing because that is not my strong suit. Phila was highly recommended to me by a colleague. I remember the first day we met at a cafe and Phila took copious notes as we spoke, which I thought was strange, but later understood she was trying to capture my voice, the essence of what I wanted to share with the world. Since that initial meeting, that is exactly what Phila has provided for me. She has assisted with articles, blog posts and copy for my programs and website. This has helped to uplevel my business in many ways. People have commented how much they learn when they read my blog posts and bimonthly newsletters. I have been asked to contribute my articles to magazines and to other blog sites. I have even gotten some speaking leads and potential clients from individuals who have read my articles. Most recently my blog was nominated by The Institute for The Psychology of Eating as one of the top 25 Psychology Blogs. What a tremendous honor that I know would not have happened if it wasn’t for the ability of Phila Hoopes to transform my message into masterpieces of words worthy of reading.

~~ Cassandra Herbert MS, APRN/PMH-BC,CDNC 
Holistic Nurse Psychotherapist/Wellness Educator 



Phila, there aren’t very many people who can write or re-write articles and original content in the voice of another person (namely myself) but that’s exactly what you did for us – you did a very impressive job. One of the most important things for a self-published consultant or author is that voice itself. Thanks for being consistent with mine and doing such fine work.

~~ Perry S. Marshall
Bestselling Author, Trainer and Guerrilla Marketer
Perry S. Marshall & Associates

 Editing/Proofreading (Books/Reports)

I highly recommend utilizing Phila Hoopes’ talents! She is extremely conscientious at her craft. She provided explanations around her edits, guidance as to the correct grammatical approaches, was communicative throughout the editorial process and instilled some humor at the point we were getting blurry-eyed from multiple reviews. She is timely, extremely competent, and a joy to work with.

~~ Marney Michalowski
NMVTIS Program Manager

Phila Hoopes is an extraordinarily gifted editor and writer. She took my book manuscript and helped me hone it into something far more clear and tight. Her gift with words and professional approach were a godsend to me. I can’t recommend Phila enough!

~~ Mare Cromwell
Author, The Great Mother Bible
and Messages from Mother…Earth Mother

Phila,  Thank you so much – I feel like I’ve asked more than what you signed on for and I just want you to know how much I appreciate everything: talking me down from the ledge, the support, guidance and encouragement. You should add that to your business card! Thank you, thank you!

~~ Meggin Nicholson, Author
My Tattle Tales

 Web Content

Many thanks, Phila, for the great job on the Rendezvous Townhomes website! I’m happy to tell you that we’ve sold all the houses in the development already, and we’re still receiving inquiries. I amaze the members of my online marketing mastermind group when I tell them that I sell houses over the Web…here they are, working to sell herbal hair shampoo and other low-ticket items, and here I am, a green builder selling all the homes in a development, entirely online! It’s all thanks to your web content, Will’s optimization, and Google Adwords…You can be sure I’ll contact you for further business, and recommend you to my associates!

~~ Thom Garlock,
Teton Land & Development Group, LLC

Phila, it has been a little over a year now since you developed the content of The Counseling Center website. Since then we have received many, many compliments on the way our site represents our center and the overall friendly feel of the site. Thank you so much for your persistence in helping us work through the process of developing web appropriate content so that we have a web presence that truly represents The Counseling Center.

~~ Jim Gach
The Counseling Center

Event Promotion

As Secretary and as Community Affairs Director on the East Coast Sage Circle board, Phila Hoopes showed her dedication to the members of the East Coast Sage Circle community by initiating and promoting various events that contributed to better community relations and communication. Phila shared her expertise with joy and commitment while on the board of ECSC. Thank you Phila.

~~Christel Libiot,
Former Executive Director, ECSC


I was fortunate to have found Phila Hoopes a few months ago. She absolutely exceeded my expectations in developing and writing two of my brochures. She was thoughtful with her words, which has resulted in two beautifully written brochures. I will use Phila again without a doubt and recommend her to others.

~~ Anne Fazio Keefe, EclipseSpa, LLC

Phila, I feel quite fortunate to have found someone with your skills and work ethic to partner with MMG. Your future copywriting contributions will help free me to sell enough products to keep us busy…for quite awhile!

~~ Joanne McCoy, McCoy Media Group

Resumes and Cover Letters

Phila Hoopes IS brilliant! She helped me to create a new resume and cover letter for my new career that highlighted all of the attributes that made me a successful scientist that translated into nursing. She is a marketing genius!

~~ Cindee Levow, R.N., B.S.N.

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