Review, Editing, Proofing

The hardest text to edit and proof is your own writing. With Your Words’ Worth, you have a second pair of eyes ready to review any content, any time.

We offer online and offline editing services:

Substantive Content Review

  • Is the content written in terms your readers will understand?
  • Does it focus on their needs and concerns?
  • Are the marketing tactics appropriate and effectively used?

Copyediting and Proofreading

  • Are the general tone and style appropriate to the message and audience?
  • Are the spelling, grammar and punctuation error-free?

If you’re needing these services to keep your copy at its best, contact me using the widget at right.


  1. Phila. I have a new catalog I am working on at the moment that I might be interested in someone looking at. Its only 20 pages long or so. What would it cost for me to e mail you over in word the catalog I am working on for content review and copyediting and proofreading?

  2. Moustafa Youssef

    My name is Moustafa. I recently moved to Calgary and am starting a business here that’s going to be designing and installing solar electric systems on home and shop roofs in the Calgary Area.

    The main way I get in touch with my customers is through mail, and I want to make sure that I have everything done right. I am looking for an experienced sales copywriter that can make my letters more alluring, and based from what I’ve seen on your website I think you guys may be able to help.

    What I do is I go on bike tours (or car tours) around neighbourhoods and find houses that have good shingling, no shading, facing south — basically that are good for solar — and send those a letter in the mail. A personalized one. I even look up their addresses on The White Pages to even get their names. These houses I want because they look good (for me), and will prove to be a good investment. And I will even offer to finance a home that’s in really good shape. If the house is ok/so-and-so, i just drop them off a leaflet, and write something like, “Thought you wanted to read this.-M” as if I really know them, or i may even also print them a letter (with their address on it, saluting them with Hello Neighbour or something like that).

    If you are interested, write me an email to moustafa at dal dot ca or call me at 403 390 6776

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