ISO Green Business Teammates to Join Me in a Summer Excursion to the Frontiers of Web 2.0!

This summer, like last, I’m going to be spending a portion of my days in an Aussie-tinged excursion to the far frontiers of Web 2.0 – the wildly fertile land where the hottest, best-of-the-best-but-as-yet-undiscovered social marketing applications lurk.

And you’re invited to come with me!

The tour is led by The Thirty-Day Challenge, a well-established online training program by Ed Dale and Dan Raines of The Immediate Edge.

While running the program free of charge, Ed and Dan are leading a cohort of thousands in an online marketer’s dream continuing-ed setup: not just the tools and principles of integrated social marketing a la 2008, but also techniques and basic skills like blogging, micro-blogging, affiliate marketing, small-business marketing, and much more.

The TDC is a free e-intensive (and I DO mean intensive) training in cutting-edge Internet marketing techniques. Ed and Dan have been doing this for at least four years now, and it’s been getting bigger all the time – it’s a truly global training, offering a chance to connect with entrepreneurs around the world and learn the very latest tools.

Last year we learned about blogging platforms, Stumble, GoogleTrends (and mutations thereof), Twitter, Second Life, etc., etc. This year’s pre-season training is starting with an introduction to the new web browser called Flock…you’ve GOT to check out the Eco-edition of the Flock Browser ( Powerful marketing tools and solid social-networking information, all at the very leading edge of the technology.

Oh, and the goal? To earn $10…that’s right, just a ten-spot. No promises of multimillions by the end of the year, no promises of tens of thousands by the end of the month (though a couple of people have done this). It’s a credibility measure — how many scammers are going to sell you a program with that kind of return for your $0 investment? — and really, knowledge and skills are the prizes in this game.

What does this have to do with you? Well, aside from wholeheartedly recommending the program on its own merits based on my participation last year…last year’s stats demonstrated that it’s most successful when participants are applying it to their own existing businesses. And it’s a lot more fun (and more effective) to go through it as part of a team.

I’ve got this wild vision of a team of green business owners going through…can you imagine the impact we could have together?

So – does anyone want to get in on this with me? Click here to check it out, and email me at if you’d like to be on my team!

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