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When you set up a brick-and-mortar business, would you rent the space, stock the shelves, install self-service checkout and security, then walk out the door to leave it unattended for the next year or so?

We didn’t think so.

Your website works on the same principle: it’s a living part of your business. Just as an offline business holds sales and promotions, and participates in networking events and expos, your website needs to be a living, active and attractive destination for online visitors.

Your web presence can serve many purposes: client education, lead generation, info-marketing, social marketing, or e-commerce. What’s the common point? Content!

Is your website’s content…

  • Exciting enough to catch and hold a visitor’s interest within seconds….
  • Sticky enough to keep them reading and clicking from one page of your site to the next….
  • Fresh and dynamic enough to keep them coming back to see what’s new…
  • Compelling enough to convert visitors into customers with completed opt-ins or sales…

Your content has seven seconds – max – to catch and hold a reader. Once you’ve lost them – they’re gone, and not coming back.

Don’t waste the massive marketing opportunities on the web. Talk with us about the online tactics that fit your business.

Here are some recent samples of our website content:

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