Keyword Optimization

No matter how well your website is designed, it cannot serve you if no one can find it. And for that, you need the help of a high search engine ranking.

How do sites land in those prized positions high in the Google listings? One answer is organic keyword optimization. We seek out and identify the best keywords to represent your business, your products and services, and your target audience or community. Then we load those high-ranking keywords strategically into your site’s title and description metatags, and finally sprinkle them through the content.

There’s no unethical “gaming” of the search engines, no behind-the-scenes coding wizardry – just simple, high-quality content with high-value keywords. We’re backed up by some of the best optimization software in the Internet marketing business: Market Samurai (click the ad below at right for details, or a free demo if you’re DIY-inclined).

NOTE: This is not to be confused with full-scale SEO, which is an in-depth, multi-layered service not offered by Your Words’ Worth.

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