If you’re seeking to establish your expertise and authenticity on the web, there is no better way than to provide info-products.

Isn’t this giving away what you know? Not at all…the best customer is an informed customer. One who’s learned to trust your knowledge and experience, who understands enough about your products and services to make a good buying decision.

In fact, a recent study demonstrated that 77% of the 1000 adults surveyed based their buying decisions at least partly on site content that went beyond the description, features and specs of the product they were buying.

How can you win the trust and enthusiasm of audience with information products?  Here are just a few of the options we offer:

Marketing Articles

These informative articles about your field can establish you as an online expert with e-zine editors and bloggers.


Use these digital books as a bonus to visitors who buy your products or opt in to your email list – or to build interest in your higher-ticket info-products.


Educate your prospects about your services through a series of email lessons targeted to their needs and interests.

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