It’s unanimous: the most anxiety-inducing part of a business website, the part that gets put off forever or even ignored completely, is The Blog.

Why? You know you should do it. First of all, your blog is your platform to…

  • give practical tips to your readers…
  • promote your products and services…
  • support your favorite causes…
  • comment on current events from your expert professional viewpoint…
  • let the world get to know you through your unique presence on the web.

Second, Google and other search engines love fresh content. So when your website has a blog that is continually being updated with new posts, your ranking automatically rises…and with it your traffic, and ultimately your sales.

So what causes so many clients to freeze at the thought of blogging? Simple: who has the time?

That’s where our ghost-blogging services come in: with Your Words’ Worth, you have an experienced, intuitive ghost-blogger to create your posts in your voice.

We’ll sit down and plan the content with you and set up a series of rotating topics to put your blog on autopilot. Then we’ll check in briefly with you about the message you want to deliver in each post. It couldn’t be easier: we do all the research and writing, and you simply direct, review, and approve.  You maintain control; nothing gets posted without your blessing.

If you ‘re feeling more DIY-inclined, but not too sure about what sort of content should go in a blog, we’ll also help with creative coaching and/or editing. And if your site represents a group or co-op of independent practitioners, we’ll happily coordinate multiple authors for lively and diversified content with a coherent theme.

See a sample on Verge Permaculture’s blog…

And see what two clients had to say:

I have been been working with Phila Hoopes for the last year. She has been writing copy for my web-site as well as an e-book and some other projects. …

What I appreciate most about Phila is her ability to edit my work, yet keep it my story. Phila has a gift of listening to me and tuning into my voice so that when she writes it is coming from me. It is if my voice is coming through her fingers. I remember when I first started working with Phila she took copious notes on what I was saying. I was thinking, what is she doing? I felt as if I was in a therapy session! After she completed the first writing project for me I understood why she took those notes. She wanted to know my voice.

…If you want someone who can translate your voice into a beautiful, written masterpiece, then Phila is the person.

~~ Cassandra Herbert MS, APRN/PMH-BC,CDNC
Holistic Nurse Psychotherapist/Wellness Educator
Zest and Harmony Counseling

Phila, there aren’t very many people who can write or re-write articles and original content in the voice of another person (namely myself) but that’s exactly what you did for us – you did a very impressive job. One of the most important things for a self-published consultant or author is that voice itself. Thanks for being consistent with mine and doing such fine work.

~~ Perry S. Marshall
Bestselling Author, Trainer and Guerrilla Marketer
Perry S. Marshall & Associates

If you want the credibility, ranking and increased traffic that a blog can give you, but you just don’t have the time to invest – contact me using the widget at right. We’ll help you boost your web presence painlessly!


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