Consultation and Training

Your Words’ Worth offers more than just copywriting. We’re making a wealth of expertise available to you now in three new consulting programs that offer training sessions and/or ongoing coaching. Whether you’re reaching out in a new online venue, reigniting your organization’s enthusiasm, or breaking past your own creative blocks, we can help.  Email us today at

Organizational Communications

We’ve gained communication experience not only from a marketing standpoint, but also from a Board perspective in membership organizations.

If your organization is losing its excitement, drive and cohesion, a shift in communication tactics may be the solution. Call us for a tool chest of techniques and resources, and let our experience help you to relight the spark.

Creative Consultation

There’s not a veteran writer alive who hasn’t found hard-won solutions to creative stuckness – and we’re no exception.

If you’re responsible for producing written content but short on ideas, schedule an idea-generating faciiitation session with us…and find yourself pushing past creative inertia into inspiration.

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