Client List

The following is a partial list of the clients we’ve served. What do they have to say about the experience? Take a look….

  • The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators/National Motor Vehicle Titling and Insurance System
  • The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Washington, D.C.
  • Baltimore Bioneers, Baltimore, MD
  • The Berkshire Investment Group, Ontario, Canada
  • Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute, Basalt, Colorado
  • The Catonsville Chamber of Commerce, Catonsville, MD
  • Carrie Murray Nature Center, Baltimore, MD
  • Christina Chambreau, Homeopathic Veterinarian, Sparks, MD
  • CSource Wisdom, Laramie, WY
  • A Cooler Climate, Rutledge, MO
  • The Counseling Center, Towson, MD
  •, Munich, Germany
  • EclipseSpa, Danville, CA
  • EcoFabrik, Oxnard, CA
  • Friends of Creation Spirituality (The Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox) , Oakland, CA
  • George Brookhart, Maryland Residential Realty, Inc., Catonsville, MD
  • Green Irene, New York, New York
  • Harbor Development, LLC, Baltimore, MD
  • Howard County Women’s Journal, Glenwood, MD
  • JustBEEWellness, Baltimore, MD
  • McCoy Media Group, Frederick, MD
  • The National Timeshare Owners Association, Catonsville, MD
  • The Organic Mattress Store, Hellertown, PA
  • Perry S. Marshall & Associates, Oak Park, IL
  • Tom Quirk, Retirement & Investment Group, LLC, Catonsville, MD
  • Shop’N’Cook, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Starhawk, San Francisco, CA
  • The William E Proudford Sickle Cell Fund, Baltimore, MD
  • Verge Permaculture, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Womanscope Magazine, Baltimore, MD
  • Working Wonders, Baltimore, MD
  • World Peace Emerging, Everson, WA


  1. Just want to support your mission and ministry in any way I am able and capable, and receive any information, mailings, or treasures you may send.

    I am particularly impressed with the spiritual dimension, and give many workshops, presentations, and retreats on spirituality, contemplation, meditation, the prayer of quiet, listening prayer, creaton-evolution-and-us, peace making, justice, ways to pray, journaling as prayer, how we humans and all creation have been created to be one, quantum spiritualilty, the call of each of us to be mystics and contemplatives, etc., and would be delighted to offer any and all of these FREE.

    • Didn’t mean for this to go onto a public blog, I dislike publicity very much. It was just my way of responding to reading the materials you sent, Phia, and my being very impressed with them.


  2. Trying this again — great to talk with you. Did you finish the Tai Sophia course? We have lots of interests in common; let’s explore. Polly

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