Your Words’ Worth was founded in 2004 on a vision of right livelihood, with 25 years’ collective experience in corporate journalism and technical writing, and copywriting training from the American Writers and Artists’ Institute, Dr. Joe Vitale, Christine Kane, and more. From personal study of authors including Paul Hawken, Lynne Twist, David Korten and many others, I learned that green business works from heart, conscience, and mission as well as profit. The triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit, in other words.

To support my clients in communicating eco-restorative values and projecting a healing presence online, I completed my Permaculture Design Certification in 2010 with Earth Activist Training, my M.A. in Applied Healing Arts with a focus on Ecological Spirituality through the Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2014, and my Reiki Master placement in the Usui/Holy Fire form in 2016.

So you might say I’m working to bring together the magical world of online copywriting and infopreneuring, and the world of passion for the earth and the visionary ways in which restorative businesses are working to save our planet. Providing you with the sales letters, web content, info-products, and other marketing tools that radiate your vision, your mission, your fire and enthusiasm, in your voice.

What do clients say? See the Testimonials page…

Finally, if this resonates for you, and you’re looking for a copywriter/consultant with a profound dedication to giving your vision your voice and building sustainable awareness, contact me today at phila@yourwordworth.marketing for a free consultation!

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