Resume/Cover Letter/LinkedIn Packages

Time was, you got a job with a good company and 50 years later received a gold watch and a solid retirement package. No more! According to the January 2016 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, wage and salary workers remain with their current employer for a median span of just 4.2 years.

That means that an up-to-date resume and LinkedIn profile are critical necessities, whether you’re just keeping an eye on your options or encountering challenging times in your current position. You need to approach these two career docs as your own personal marketing collateral, ready to hand out at a moment’s notice.

How are yours doing? If a recruiter called you today with an offer to die for, would you be able to send them out without a qualm – or would you be frantically scrambling to fill in the details of your current position?

And what do you do if you’re in a career transition, supporting your graduate work with a day job that pays the bills but doesn’t engage your soul? Are you limited to painful honesty as ‘just an XYZ” – or does sweat equity count toward your dream?

Your Words’ Worth navigates these quandaries with ease, showcasing your skills and achievements with marketing flair ….and providing coaching, affirmation, and energy support in a tiered series of affordable packages that makes your career presentation shine.

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