Are you just launching and looking for a written and spoken voice for your product or service? Upgrading your business and looking for a new tone?

For the past six years Your Words’ Worth has been “giving your vision your voice” by creating dynamic content for websites, blogs, information products and newsletters (as well as offline content).

And now, we can also give your online content a warm, welcoming and distinctive sound through voiceover services!

If you’re thinking of…
— Promoting your site through written or spoken information products…
— Starting a radio or online audio advertising campaign…
— Recording a reading of your book or poetry…
— Recording textbooks for visually-challenged students…

We can offer you a sensitive, intuitive reading, with practiced diction and pleasant intonation. And as a “new voice on the block,” our voiceover services are priced to fit the needs of small businesses.

Here are some samples…

Voice of the Oakland Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Dramatic Narration in Gita for Peru

Listen to the full recording of “The Cosmic Vision” here


“…Phila came into rehearsal being unfamiliar with the Gita and the musicians. She immediately sensed the integrity of the musicians and the flavor of the musical atmosphere created by these traditional and exotic instruments. She began to bring the rhythms of the percussionists and pipa together with the melodies of the flute in a vocal context of the scripture with power and grace….

… There was a dialogue between everyone at the rehearsals as the arrangements changed to accommodate Phila’s remarkable range and presence in the execution of the pieces. She took advice well and incorporated suggestions into her renditions of the recitations. Although the scripture’s text was a narration, Phila made it her own by creating a dramatic dialogue between the subjects of the story.

The result was totally evocative of the meaning and intention of each character within the story. Phila was able to paint her words with colors and intensity that brought the text of the scripture to life with a force and sensitivity that cast a spell upon the listeners. The flute wove melody around Phila’s phrases and pauses that added to the magic of the story…”

Lance David Bergerson
Himalayan Bowls and Bells
Gita for Peru Ensemble

Market Your Business with Sound!

Curious? Want a free trial reading of your project? Email me at phila@your-words-worth.com to hear how my voice fits your vision!


Full Testimonial – Lance David Bergerson, Gita for Peru

Mike Weiner, The Image Generators (audio producer and voiceover coach)

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