Business Writing

When you’re communicating to your organization’s members and employees, it can be easy to assume a shared understanding of goals and principles, and to fall into a form of verbal shorthand.

The result? You know what you’re saying, but your audience may be left behind, and your point may be lost. A barrier of understanding starts to arise, morale and motivation start to fall, and you’re suddenly wondering what went wrong.

Don’t ignore the people who keep your organization functioning. Let us help you build a warm connection based on clear communication.

Some of the services we offer are:

Newsletters and Presidents’ Letters

Seeking topics and writing articles on a regular basis can be a significant time investment for your staff. Outsource that work and watch your content improve, while your employees’ productivity soars.

If you’re running out of ideas for presidents’ letters to your membership, our interviewing process will awaken your creativity – and we’ll even ghostwrite the letter for you!


Biographical Sketches

When you’re proudly pointing to the expertise of your employees or award winners, you need the experienced marketing approach of a professional copywriter.


Job Descriptions

Seeking a new employee to fill a job opening – or filling in the roles and responsibilities in your company records? Describe the position precisely – and invitingly – tailoring it to the perfect candidate.


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