“Author of…” There’s an automatic sense of respect when you hear those words. There’s an expert, you think, with the knowledge and commitment (and time) to write it all down for the rest of us.

So why couldn’t those words apply to you?

If you’re worried about rejection slips, or a long, costly, and nervewracking publishing process…well, that’s just one of the many reasons to create an e-book.

  • There are no rejection slips, no publishing process, no printing cost, and no boxes of books stacked for selling…
  • Marketing is online, instantaneous, and unlimited by the number of available copies…
  • Your book can never go out of print or wind up on the remainder shelf…
  • You get all the prestige of being a published author, along with all the profit. No royalties!

Or is it a question of time… or lack of confidence as a writer?

Those are your reasons to outsource. To delegate the job to a professional who can take your expertise and turn it into instruction, inspiration, or empowerment for the world.

(Your Name here), Author of….

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

To make it happen – call us.


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