From a Holistic Business to a Whole Life

I’ve seen it over and over again…once you find your core values, the worldview that drives you, your life begins opening in new directions to reflect it.

In 2004, Your Words’ Worth began, founded on a lifetime of writing, an AWAI copywriting course, and a determination that I would never again work for a company that did not reflect my values. More than a decade later, thanks be to a succession of visionary small businesses, social and environmental entrepreneurs, holistic health care providers, authors, and nonprofits, that vow has held firm.

And along the way, that early commitment to right livelihood has me to walk my talk in deeper ways: studying Reiki, animal communication, permaculture, and subtle activism in support of indigenous rights and environmental protection.

In the end, Your Words’ Worth wasn’t established only to earn a living, but to create a life of participation and partnership with those who work to protect and nurture the human, nonhuman, and green beings of this planet. By carefully screening clients, I ensure that I not only speak their language and share their values, but also have a fair working knowledge of their field.

If this speaks to you – if your life’s work is focused on healing, restoring, and/or protecting the beings of this beautiful, interconnected, and endangered planetary macro-ecosystem – and you seek someone who shares your holistic values and speaks your language to support you in framing your message and putting it into the world – contact me. I would love to work with you.

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