Sales Letters

Are you offering the luxurious achievement of a lifelong dream — or an everyday necessity? An expensive hard sell, or an irresistible indulgence? Aimed toward a skeptical, super-informed, or totally clueless audience?

When it comes to selling, what matters isn’t the way you see your product or service, but the way your target audience sees it:  how valuable and necessary it is in their eyes. Whether it’s an indulgent want,  or a personal need. And whether they see it as one or the other…depends on you.

Bottom line:  your sales letter needs to match your audience. Does it…

  • connect with your readers in their words?
  • anticipate their concerns?
  • answer the questions they’d ask?

If not – your letter may not bring about the results you hope.

How can you make sure your sales letter is effective? First of all, know your audience. Second – know how to touch their hearts. Not with descriptions of specs and features, but by describing the benefits that will make their lives easier.

Are your sales letters up to the task?

If not – call us.


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