Press Releases

If your business has just opened its doors, upgraded its website, hired a new manager, released a new product – or reached any other milestone – now is the time for a press release.

Otherwise known as free publicity, a well-written press release puts your news in the hands of content-hungry newspaper and e-zine editors, bloggers, and webmasters in your city and around the world.

There’s only one catch: your release needs to qualify as news, not a promotional announcement or sales spiel. And for that, you need a story that’s interesting not just to you, but to the rest of the world. So a press release needs to pass three crucial tests before it has any chance of getting published:
1)    Is it news?
2)    Is it a good story, or valuable or entertaining information?
3)    Is it related to a current news story or trend?

So instead of saying, for example, ABC Paper Clips Releases Award-Winning New Product, try New Paper Clip Breaks Record for Most Pages Clasped.  Rather than announcing New Homes Planned for Oak Lane, ease neighbors’ worries with the news that Projected Oak Lane Homes To Use Less Energy, Preserve Green Space.

Don’t take the chance of your release being tucked on the back page as filler…or ignored altogether. Speak to the interests,  needs and concerns of your audience if you want to be heard: it may be your news, but it’s not about you.

Call us, and let us make your story shine.


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