Website Makeovers

When was the last time you looked forward to revising your website content?

If you’re like most business owners we know, if we asked you that question in a real-time conversation, you’d look at us as if we’d grown two heads. On the average list of fun-filled, relaxing pastimes, a do-it-yourself content makeover usually ranks right up there with…well, root canals and taxes!

And for good reason. There was a day, long ago, when you could set up a simple site, submit it to the search engines, and bingo, you’d have an online presence that could pay for itself. But that day is past.

To attract clients online in today’s market, you need a complete web presence…

At the very minimum, you should have…

  • A professional, compelling website…
  • An active blog to raise your Google ranking and attract visitors…
  • Opt-in forms to build your email list…
  • A newsletter to keep you in front of your loyal and prospective clients…
  • Value-added information products to demonstrate your expertise and earn prospective clients’ trust…
  • High-powered keywords strategically used to build your site’s Google ranking.

I can see your eyes glazing over now as you wonder: how on earth are you going to do all this when just keeping your website fresh and up-to-date is a challenge?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if someone could just set up an income-producing web presence for you, in budget-sized chunks,  without breaking the bank?

Here’s the good news: Your Words’ Worth can!

And that’s where the Simple Site Makeover Packages come in…

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of revising, updating, or reworking your website content, we can make it easy…break the process down into parts that make sense…create an easy-to-manage, professional and authoritative web presence…and provide the coaching for you to maintain it with ease and confidence!

Or, if you prefer, we can ghostwrite and maintain your site, blog, and/or newsletter for you on a continuing schedule based on your budget….

The Website Content Makeover Package:
  • Website analysis and report (if you have an existing site)
  • Domain and hosting setup (if you’re setting up a new site)
  • Basic website setup in WordPress or SquareSpace
  • 5 pages professionally written and keyword-optimized web content (OR revisions/rewriting for your existing content)
  • Targeted tags and keywords for every page of content
  • Coaching to help you maintain your site (optional add-on)
The Website Plus Supplemental Packages:
Blog / Newsletter Marketing Info-Product Marketing Site Maintenance

Budget plan:

  • Setup of blog OR newsletter
  • Content for the first post or issue
  • 2 coaching sessions for DIY content development

Deluxe plan:

  • Setup for blog OR newsletter
  • Ghostwriting for all posts for 6 or 12 months

Both Budget and Deluxe plans can be expanded to include both blog AND newsletter.


  • Opt-In Form Setup
  • Autoresponder Setup
  • 10-page Special Report OR
  • 10-day E-course

Budget plan:

  • Links Monitored & Updated
  • Content tweaked: minor edits to sentences & paragraphs

Deluxe plan:

  • Links Monitored & Updated
  • Content edited
  • Pages rewritten
  • New pages added

What Does It Cost?

With these times more challenging than ever for conscious solopreneurs, it’s our goal to help you succeed. So we listen carefully to your needs and set up an easy, a la carte estimate, and bundle your site development payments over extended periods when you choose our Blog/Newsletter Marketing or Maintenance plans.

It doesn’t get much simpler than this! If you’re wallowing in overwhelm at the thought of a site makeover – or putting off the thought! –  email us today to learn the solutions we can provide for you!


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