A powerful brochure teases…promises…provides just enough information to leave the reader longing for more. It targets your prospects’ needs and desires, igniting interest, enthusiasm, curiosity, then sending them to you to complete the sale.

This is slow marketing: whether a prospect reads your brochure immediately or weeks later, it can still pack the same punch. Whether it’s intended to generate service leads or to spur product sales, a real-time, hands-on brochure can go beyond telling about your company to provide compelling reasons for readers to contact you.

You don’t have to contend with Google  listings of competitors waiting for the click of your reader’s mouse…you’re not battling pop-ups, pop-unders or blinking banner ads. You can direct your readers’ undistracted attention through the benefits you offer, the needs or problems you answer…straight to an irresistible call to action.

When you need brochures for the next year…or two…or three…make sure you’re paying for a marketing tool that works. Contact me using the widget at right…and see a return on your investment.


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  1. Phila. I am having my graphics girl Carrie Kauffman take my word doc i just sent her to clean up. get back to me and then we can talk. meanwhile thats about all the words its gonna be in the catalog I sent you. Get back with the estimate. thanks.

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