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What is the passion that fuels your business?

Your passion isn’t just the green, sustainable, or holistic products and services you offer.

It isn’t the curly light bulbs, solar panels, local organic produce, rain barrels, or rugs from recycled bottles. It isn’t even about the detox cleanses, yoga classes, meditation courses, or permaculture workshops.

You know – and I know – it’s something much deeper.

It’s your passion for fairness, justice, and healing for the people and the planet. It’s your diligence in asking hard questions about the impact of the products you use or endorse. It’s your drive to find creative solutions when others scurry for conventional shortcuts.  It’s your faith that yes, it is possible to go beyond being merely sustainable to becoming regenerative…and your leadership in telling and showing the world why all of this matters.

Like you, I walk that road.

If that’s the passion that drives your business – and you struggle to find a marketer who understands – I get it.

With a decade of green marketing experience and green advocacy at the corporate, nonprofit, and local Chamber of Commerce levels, undergirded with a permaculture design certification, I help my clients market their sustainable and regenerative businesses and healing practices from a deeper perspective:

  • Connecting with your prospects’ problems, needs, desires, values and emotions
  • Communicating your message from a perspective of benefits and shared priorities
  • Giving prospects the information they need to make a good decision
  • Providing the incentive for them to act
  • Giving them solid reasons to return to you for the long term

Create a web presence that communicates the heart of your mission

Turn to us for copywriting services that will touch your visitors’ hearts…transform passing website traffic to return visitors and sales…and promote your expertise to inform your clients, inspire their trust, and bring them back again and again.

Do you need to…

Since 2005, I have provided all of these services, and more, to sustainable and regenerative businesses. visionary nonprofits, and holistic healers. They respond with comments like these:

Every time we have engaged (Phila) we have been incredibly satisfied with the result. The text she has helped us to craft not only authentically communicates our message but also has been instrumental in increasing registration in our courses. – Michelle Avis, Verge Permaculture

Phila has a gift of listening to me and tuning into my voice so that when she writes it is coming from me. …Words cannot describe the type of writer Phila is, but what I can sy is this:  if you want someone who can translate your voice into a beautiful, written masterpiece, then Phila is the person. – Cassandra Herbert, Zest and Harmony Counseling

Isn’t it time to work with a marketer who communicates your values – in your voice?

For online and offline content that authentically conveys your message, trust a marketer who shares your values. Email us today at phila@yourwordsworth.marketing, and let us give your vision your voice.


Copywriter Services

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