Copy Writing with a Conscience


Never mind the fever of compulsively leaping after the short-term gain. Your business is rooted in what matters:

  • Environmental and social responsibility.
  • Restorative practices.
  • A thoughtful approach to business that may not be religious but is definitely spiritual.
  • A vision and mission grounded in gaining Profit through serving the Planet and People.

Now, try to find a writer who gets it! One who isn’t trying to crush a goal of generic killer copy. Who takes the time to listen to you and craft authentic content that reflects your values, your perspective, your voice. Content that speaks to your conscious audience in the words that matter to them.

A writer who understands your restorative values because she lives them herself.

If that’s the writer you’ve been seeking, stop here.

With more than a decade of green marketing experience and green advocacy at the corporate, nonprofit, and local Chamber of Commerce levels, undergirded with a permaculture design certification and Reiki Master attunement, I help my clients market their sustainable and regenerative businesses and healing practices from a deeper perspective.

Turn to Your Words’ Worth for authentic copywriting to promote your expertise, touch your readers’ hearts, and transform passing interest to return visitors and sales…

Service for the long term

Since 2005, I have provided all of these services, and more, in long-term working relationships with sustainable and regenerative businesses, visionary nonprofits, and holistic healers. They respond with comments like these:

Every time we have engaged (Phila) we have been incredibly satisfied with the result. The text she has helped us to craft not only authentically communicates our message but also has been instrumental in increasing registration in our courses. – Michelle Avis, Verge Permaculture

Phila has a gift of listening to me and tuning into my voice so that when she writes it is coming from me…. If you want someone who can translate your voice into a beautiful, written masterpiece, then Phila is the person. – Cassandra Herbert, Zest and Harmony Counseling

Communicate your values in your voice!

For online and offline content that authentically conveys your message, trust a marketer who shares your values. Email me today at, and let me give your vision your voice.

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