Copywriting Services

You may be in business to change the world –
but do your clients know how your services can change their lives?

If not – then your marketing message is going astray.

You can pack your marketing content with dazzling details, fabulous features, and cutting-edge specs, but if your clients don’t see – and desire - the difference your products or services can make in their lives, your words are wasted.

How can you achieve this?

Create Connection.  Provide Information.  Build Relationship.

These are the three key elements of any successful marketing content.

  • Does it connect with your readers’ problems, needs, desires, values and emotions?
  • Does it give them the information they need to make a good decision, and act on it?
  • Finally, does it give them the opportunity – and incentive – to return to you for the long term, beyond this immediate purchase?

If That Sounds Like a Major Headache to You….
Try Copywriting Services by Your Words’  Worth.

With 25 collective years of professional writing experience and a lifelong conscious business ethic, Your Words’ Worth provides the copywriting services that will bring clients to your door…transform passing website visitors to sales…and promote your expertise to inform your clients, inspire their trust, and bring them back again and again.

Are you…

  • Creating new web content?
  • Refining your online presence?
  • Managing a blog or newsletter?
  • Planning your first information product?
  • Creating offline marketing materials?

We can make it painless by creating compelling, can’t-resist marketing content for you on a one-time or ongoing basis…or providing the coaching and editorial support for you to do it yourself.

Copywriting Expertise to Fit Your Needs, Today and Tomorrow

Since 2005, we have provided intuitive copywriting to visionary nonprofits, holistic healers, and sustainable businesses, with bundled packages, easy monthly retainers and other forms of creative financing to make our services affordable over the long term, even in these dicey economic times.

Email us today at phila@your-words-worth.com, and let us give your vision your voice.

Copywriter Services

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